Monday, June 17, 2013

Zombie Apoc Prep is Off to Slow Start

Saying I was going to jump head first into my Zombie Apocolypse Prep routine the week before this year's E3 Expo was probably a stupid idea, as I spent most of my days in front of the computer watching streams. *le sigh* That said, I at least was good and not parked in front of my computer with a bag of potato chips and a two liter of Coke.

my starting weigh in should have been June 8th, but I just ended up eating way too much food too late at night for that to be an accurate starting point, not to mention the whole E3 thing would leave me pretty sedentary. BTW, for those interested, the scale rewarded my idiotic behavior with a lovely 157 lbs. Derp. However my weight this past Saturday, June 15th was 153 lbs, which would be a more accurate starting weight. Unfortunately my body tape is MIA, so measurements may have to wait. *le sigh*

I ordered an armband for my phone, so I can start taking advantage of my Zombies, Run app. (Still bitter about the dropped Windows Phone support though.) I had found a stationary bike for free in one of the local base sales groups, however it was a bit big and just impractical to keep in our living room. I scoured Amazon a bit and found a folding stationary bike that would better suits my needs and space. It also isn't nearly as expensive as I expected it to be, so I'll probably look into picking that up in a week or so. (Basically so it would be delivered after ACE, and not during.) I'll be able to kill two birds with one stone, as I'll be able to get a workout in, and start to tackle my show backlog. I figured trying to stay active during a full 40 minute show or two 20 minute shows would be a feasible goal. With Amazon Instant Video on my 360, I can easily use the Kinect to merely yell at the TV to change episodes if need be, thus cutting down on needing to stop and fiddle with a controller.

Another advantage of the local base sales groups is I managed to snag some bags of ViSalus shake mix for less than retail, so I have added two shakes a day to my daily routine to give myself a bit of a kick start. All things considered, they actually taste rather good. My only complaints are there's still that minor powered health shake consistency going on, but certainly not as bad as some others I have tried. The other complaint is I find myself having to use a hand blender to actually mix it, otherwise the mix will just clump together, and that's just not appetizing at all. It's also pretty versatile, and you're not limited to just the mix. You're encouraged to mix in things like cocoa powder or fruit. I just added a banana and a little bit of Ovaltine to the one I just made, and it was really good. I also don't find myself absolutely starving two hours later like when I used to drink SlimFast if I was running late and didn't have time for an actual meal.

tl;dr: Zombie Apoc Prep is off to a bit of a slow start, but it's a start

ETA: so apparently in the time since I originally had this written out, the stationary bike I was planning on getting is no longer available. *le sigh*

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